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Premiere Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Grime Fighters premiere move in/move out cleaning services includes, but is not limited to, a thorough cleaning of all common areas of a home including: the bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, and utility/laundry rooms. These services are available to residential customers, property managers, for pre-list cleans, vacation rentals, commercial businesses etc. Our moving in/moving out cleaning services are basically the same service because when a person is moving out of there are home or apartment they want everything to be as clean as possible for the new tenants, also sometimes a good cleaning is required to receive their damage deposit back. Some people like to hire cleaning services before they move into a new house or apartment so that everything is as clean as possible before they paint the walls were set up their new furniture.

General cleaning provided for all common areas:

•Cleaning interior of all closets
•Wash and disinfect walls, doors, door knobs and light switches

•Dusting all walls, blinds, ceiling fans and ornaments
•Dusting air vents, window sills, chair rails and base boards

•Removal of all cobwebs
•Cleaning of all glass and mirrors

•Dusting and polishing all furniture
•Dusting all shelves
•Vacuuming all carpeted floor areas
•Sweeping and washing all laminate/tile/hardwood floors
•Collect all trash and put it in one garbage bag
•Place all garbage outside in designated area

Cleaning of the Kitchen Area(s) also includes:
•Cleaning the interior & exterior of the kitchen cabinets, stove, refrigerator, and microwave
•Cleaning all counter space and kitchen table/chairs
•Cleaning all sinks and polish all chrome fixtures

Cleaning of the Bathroom Area(s) also includes:
•Cleaning glass shower door inside and out
•Polishing all chrome and brass fixtures
•Cleaning sinks and bathtub/shower areas
•Cleaning and sanitize toilet both inside and out